Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reading: Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls & Heist Society Series

Below - a screen capture of the covers and titles of Ally Carter's Gallagher Girl (GG) books and Heist Society (HS) books and a free e-book crossover of the two series!
 photo ScreenShot2013-03-24at95947AM_zpsae11762c.png

Essentially, the GG books are about girls who are at a special school learning to be spies, and the HS books are centered around Kat and her family of thieves. Both series are based around strong female leads, and they are fun reads. Give them a try!

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  1. YES. I have only read Heist Society, but I want to read ALL the books. I met Ally Carter at a book event last year and she is super sweet. She actually lives in Oklahoma, which is really cool, because I love it when authors live in my state! And she and I went to the same university, where she actually got the name Gallagher from. I need to read all of these ASAP! :)