Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Free Bookmarks from Epic Reads

I admit that I set a weekly reminder on my phone so that I would never miss Epic Reads' weekly Ustream program. Margot and Aubry host the show and it's generally awesome. The usually start the program with awesomely cheesy music, they gab about books, they give books away, they have a squeaking stuffed porcupine named King Snarkles. It basically couldn't be more fun. Needless to say, I am now all over all things Epic Reads, and as a girl with a marketing degree, I can say that this is marketing genius. Well done Harper Collins! 

Just the other day, they released free bookmarks, some with pictures of King Snarkles himself! I magically had one piece of card stock lying around and am now much richer in bookmarks.

(This is an unpaid endorsement:)


  1. Listen to Sarah! You must check out Epic Reads.

    I really wanted to print them, but I have no cardstock!

  2. A valiant effort, but I'm not sure anyone reads my blog yet (besides you:)

  3. Those bookmarks are so cute! And OMG why have I not set a reminder on my phone for Tea Time???? That's just ridiculous. You're so smart. Now I need to go set a reminder...