Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Best Author You Aren't Reading

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Sometime late last year, I stumbled onto Jennifer Armentrout's (JLA) Lux series. The first book in the series is Obsidian, and in it, Katy moves to WV with her mom. They end up next door neighbors to a friendly teenage girl and her hot but obnoxious brother. Early on in the book, Katy discovers that her neighbors are actually an alien race called Luxen. If you love Roswell, you'll love these books, and if you love these books, you'll love Roswell. HOT ALIENS, people. (In one of the books in her Covenant series, the character is reading a book about hot aliens, so I found that amusing.) 

Anyway, you see where this story is going, right? My friend Becca has a more in depth review on her blog, if you'd like. I'm just trying to give you an overview so that I can spread the JLA love, but I will tell you that there are twists and turns you don't see coming. After I read Obsidian, I read Onyx, and then I put Opal on my wishlist and my dad gave it to me for Christmas. There are 2 more full books due in the series, and a prequel novella I haven't read yet. Also, there's an upcoming (May 31st!) sexytimes book called Obsession that is related to the series. 

After I read the Lux series, I needed more JLA books. Lucky for me, the woman is a workaholic writing MACHINE. After I found Cursed, which so far, is the weakest of her books, IMO, but it still had an interesting idea behind it.

So what next? I finally gave into her Covenant series, and though the first book, Half-Blood, started slow, once it got going I was HOOKED. I read book #2, Pure, and then I backtracked to book #0.5, Daimon, and then book #3, Deity, and then #3.5, Elixir. I pre-ordered #4, Apollyon, and I was so excited to finally get it. However, half way through the book, I realized JLA was going to end with another cliffhanger, and so it's been sitting on my bookshelf, half read, until I get the final book, Sentinel, in December. I can't handle the teasing! The sexy t-shirt up top was a prize I won from Stuck in Books, and it features Aiden, the main character in the covenant series. As if that wasn't all awesome enough, JLA is a Supernatural fan (like me - love those boys!) so she actually drops in some references to them throughout the series. 

In the midst of my reading of the Covenant series, I took a break for her more grown up book, Wait For You. I also enjoyed this book, even if I did sometimes want to throttle the protagonist.

And that's not even all her books! There are more out, there are more coming. Exciting! Now go, read! 


  1. Yes, the Lux series is fun! I'm finally OK with sexy aliens.

  2. Yeah, I need to read these books. I think you'd get along with one of my BBFs (Best Blogger Friends), Jessie from The Daily Bookmark. She read Obsidian and couldn't stop with the JLA books and I think she's read most if not all of them now. She's actually the one who got me my copy of Obsidian. Soon I will get to them. Soon.