Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lauren Oliver's "Delirium Stories: Hana/Annabel/Raven" Novellas

In case I haven't yet had the opportunity to make this abundantly clear, I love a good quote. The ability to be thought provoking, or memory evoking, in only a sentence or two? Literary magic. 

This book by Lauren Oliver is actually the 3 short stories from the Delirium series in one handy book. The books are as follows:

Book #0.5 Hana 
Book #1    Delirium
Book #1.5 Annabel
Book #2    Pandemonium
Book #2.5 Raven
Book #3    Requiem

I have to admit that somehow between Pandemonium and Requiem I mostly forgot about a few characters, including Raven and Blue. Because of this, Raven was the story I least appreciated, but even with the holes in my memory, I enjoyed it. Best line from Raven: 

"...his anger like a blanket meant to suffocate us all."

Hana was my favorite/least favorite story. Man, I sort of get where she was coming from, but what a bisque. Teenage girls. Rough. There are some parts of this story where it flashes into contemporary YA, and you see Lena and Hana only as teens, and not as teens in their broken society. I have four favorite lines in Hana, but I choose: 

"If she could see the beauty of this underground world, and appreciate what it means: the music, the dancing, the feeling of fingertips and lips, like a moment of flight after a lifetime of crawling..." 

I also appreciated Annabel's story, since there was so little of it in the trilogy. It was good to get to learn about Lena's mom and dad and her aunt. I pick two quotes. 

"Is it possible to tell the truth in a society of lies? Or must you always, of necessity, become a liar?"

"Amazing, how hope lives, without air or water, with hardly anything at all to nurture it."
I got my copy of this book/these books from the library - they were just sitting on the shelf staring at me, and I couldn't say no! I think that of all the books I enjoy, Lauren Oliver has one of my favorite writing styles. So go, read, be happy. 

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