Sunday, December 15, 2013

Updated: An actual review of Jodi Meadows' "Phoenix Overture"

My original review for this book was a concise "BAD THINGS HAPPEN," and if you're a fan of Jodi Meadows, that's really all you need. But if you aren't yet a fan or want more detail, I am posting my more in-depth review :) I admit to having expedited my full review because Jodi is bribing us to review the amazing Phoenix Overture, but I would have elaborated eventually anyway.  

Okay, in all seriousness - that is definitely an adequate summary of this novella (of the whole series, quite frankly), but it's all magic and beautiful in it's own way, even with the Bad Things.

Phoenix Overture is an excellent and integral addition to the Newsoul series. In it we learn all about Sam's difficult first life. We learn how he discovers music, and about his family and their journey - both in their relationships to one another and to their new home and their new way of life - reincarnation. Sam, ever the musician, describes his world beautifully with sounds, and it's easy to imagine and immerse yourself in his life. Sam feels irrelevant in his world, and it's tough to see him living that life when we know how important he is. "What was music when humanity's greatest survival was a desperate hope, not a guarantee?" But we see Sam find himself, his strengths, his offerings to his world. 

"The cost for endless life had to be tremendous." This actually reminds me of something an economics professor said in school - it's something people say all the time, but when he said it, it made sense to me (something had to make sense in that class!) - he said 'nothing in life is free.' This novella is an excellent example of that - what does Sam pay to get to where he ends up, what does he pay (and does everyone else pay) to be endlessly reincarnated?

Some novellas make me mad - you pay $.99-$2.99 for them and you get what feels like not much, but PO is definitely worth it's cost. A must read for fans of the series.

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