Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Current Stash of Book Swag

So I got some new book swag in today and I decided to collect all my swag together and take pics of it! How great is it that we can have bookmarks that coordinate to our books? Magic. 

Most of this is just regular author swag - most authors have info on their websites about how to get swag from them. Some authors I met at Y'allfest and they gave me some. Some authors send swag just because they're amazing. And some authors have contests for their swag. I just won an amazing swag giveaway from The YA Insiders, so that's where the jewelry comes from.

Jennifer Armentrout YA Insiders Giveaway prize! For her upcoming "The Dark Elements" series - gargoyles!

Also, I have my own gargoyle. Less hot. 

Mindy McGinnis! I won a swag contest on the awesome Jessica Spotswood's blog. 

Sarah Dessen! I pre-ordered her latest book, The Moon and More, from Fly Leaf Book in Chapel Hill, NC because it came with swag. There's something else, but I forget where and what it is.

Leigh Bardugo! Met her at Y'allfest. Mal and Sturmhond!

From my newest best book buddy, my name twin, whom I met on twitter during an Epic Reads Tea Time.

From Nina Berry for a YA Insiders Giveaway! The SAME giveaway! Also the pearl necklace, seen below. I let my daughter take a bookmark because she loves Tigers.

Divergent stickers and Eleanor & Park button from Y'allfest (I am so scared to wear the button and lose it. How will the world know I love Rainbow if I lose it?) Carrie Ryan swag because I purchased one of her ebooks (You probably haven't read her Forest of Hands and Teeth series. You should, really.) I assume the Epic Reads bookmark is from Y'allfest or my aforementioned name twin. I forget.

From Maureen Johnson at a book signing in Raleigh for the release of her second Madness Underneath book. Which is awesome.

Because Meagan Spooner and Amie Kaufman are awesome (Okay, technically, I only know that Meagan is awesome, but it's a safe jump to think that, as awesome as Meagan is, that Amie must also be awesome). That's all. If you missed me describing "These Broken Stars" as an amazing blend of Titanic/Gilligan's Island/Star Trek, there you go. A must read. My husband, who is in the Army, finds my joy over a Tarver dog tag perplexing, but I am overjoyed. A big YOU STINK to the Post Office in town for losing my first necklace. 

From Katie McGarry! For pre-ordering her awesome "Crash Into You." 

YA Insiders Giveaway swag!

From Sara Raasch for her upcoming book, "Snow Like Ashes." You had me at Kingdom of Winter. Also, "You create the storm" is an awesome tagline.

For S. E. Green's upcoming "Killer Instinct," which also sounds awesome. It came in an evidence bag! HA. Awesome.

From Anne Blankman, for her forthcoming book "Prisoner of Night and Fog," which also sounds amazing. Also, wearing this necklace I took the best pic of me that's been taken in years. MAGIC NECKLACE.

The necklace on the left is also from the YA Insiders Giveaway, from Martina Boone, for her upcoming book, "Beholden," which also sounds great! And on the right is the necklace from Nina Berry. It's a good thing I got 2 jewelry holders for Christmas! Ha :D 

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