Friday, February 21, 2014

Meeting Authors! The Lovestruck Tour

I got a few books signed last night! 

The closest indy bookstore to me is Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC. I try to remember to check their events calendar every few months, but somehow I managed to miss spotting that The Lovestruck Tour was coming. Luckily for me, I follow them on twitter and I managed to spot the tweet about the tour. 

Organized by Megan Shepherd, The Lovestruck Tour also includes Megan Miranda, Kasie West, and Robin Constantine. I haven't actually read the books by Megan Shepherd, Kasie West, and Robin Constantine (but I did read the kindle free previews and liked them) but the Epic Reads ladies have talked about them a lot so I was definitely interested in reading their books (they're on my TBR). I have read Megan Miranda's "Fracture" and I really liked it.

Like the Meagan/Amie/Beth signing, all the ladies were super nice, and it was great to get a chance to meet them all!

Here's my new pile of new, signed and dedicated books. I'll just go ahead and add them to my physical TBR pile. (Kasie's "Pivot Point" is on my kindle.)

From left to right, Megan Shepherd, Megan Miranda, Robin Constantine, Kasie West.

The Megans.

Robin and Kasie.

Me with the Megans!

Me and Kasie.

Me and Robin.

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  1. I'm glad you had a good time! All these ladies are awesome! And I'm totally jealous you got to meet Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner!!

    Mary @ Mary Had a Little Book blog