Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My First Book Blog Rant! On Vague Spoilers (no spoilers within)

My first rant on the blog! 

Vague book spoilers. You know who you are. Maybe you didn't know, and maybe you'll know now, and even better, maybe you'll care, and knock it off.

If a book has been out for awhile (at least a month) and you're out and about spoiling the interwebs, fine, that's on me, I wasn't on the ball. 

If a book has been out a day, or even less, and you're out there talking about it, you need to think about what you're saying.

Let's say I know you love a certain character, and you're tweeting about how sad/happy/angry/whatever you are about the book. I'm a smart person, I can make deductions and figure it out. So you love Joe Cool, and you're really sad...well I can be fairly certain that something awful happened to poor Joe Cool.


Just, stop. Have some compassion for your fellow booknerds. Otherwise, color me...

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