Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wherein Sarah Gets to Fangirl Over Authors

I'd dreamed of going to the Chapter by Chapter Book Rave for Jennifer Armentrout in New Rochelle, NY for months, but was pretty sure I couldn't go. Distance, money, blah blah. But at the last minute, my friend Joy Hensley told me that awesome NA author Lia Riley had space for me in her room! And I knew I had to go. If i missed this event with a ton of authors I love and/or like, I was going to be upset.

When we were sweltering away in NC, at least we were close to a bunch of author signings. Up here, practically in Canada, there's a marked shortage of fun bookish events. So away I went!

I met Jennifer Armentrout! I was shaking, I admit it. She was super nice and I got an ARC of THE RETURN, with the amazing Sethie-poo. I've wanted this book since I knew it existed! Jen herself said she was glad I made it in time because she knew I wanted it and there were only a few copies. YAY. Of course I'm reading it now. It was my first pick for after event reading :) 

Jodi Meadows and Joy Hensley! They're cousins, they're awesome. They let me loiter when I was overwhelmed. I didn't bring any books for them to sign because I already have all their books signed and personalized.

Stacey O'Neale and me! 

I had some of the authors on my kindle sign it! From the top: Joy Hensley, Jennifer Armentrout, Jodi Meadows, Elizabeth Eulberg, Wendy Higgins, Cora Carmack. 

My books! I don't know how these are arranged. Huh. But I brought thirteen of these from home, bought some there, and got a bunch more for free! Except for Adi Alsaid's LET'S GET LOST and Kate Brian's ENDLESS, they're all signed!

Free books! All of which I really wanted to read!

Tired me in my Aiden shirt and gargoyle necklace (prize from JLA).

Megan Erickson and me! I was too excited the day of the signing to get signing pics. 

Lia Riley and me! 

Me and Joy Hensley!

Me and Jodi Meadows! 

Me and Lee/Lanie Bross!

CJ Redwine, hard at work. Pfft, I wasn't interrupting an author at work!

It was a really great time and I'm so glad I went! I immediately came home and tried to decide if I could make it to Apollycon, but it doesn't look like it. Sniff. 

I failed to get pics of other authors I was psyched to meet, like Wendy Higgins (who was ridiculous amounts of nice, I was super excited when she said good morning to me the day after the signing), Chelsea Cameron, Jay Crownover...oh, who am I kidding. There were so many there and not only was it fun, but I got to spend a lot of time with just authors and I got to listen to them talk shop. It was excellent. 

And my lips are sealed :) 

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