Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lia Riley's OFF THE MAP Series

It took me forever to start this series, but once I did, there was pretty much no stopping me. I read about 1/2 of SIDESWIPED yesterday and then read all of INSIDE OUT.

So. Yeah.

When I met Lia Riley in September, I hadn't read her stuff yet. Which made me feel like a jerk. I always feel like a jerk when I talk to an author and haven't read their stuff yet. Let me tell you, they all seem to understand. And you don't need to confess your "OMG I am so sorry I haven't read your books but I swear I'm going to" sins, not that that stopped me. Whoops.

I love these books. I love Talia, I love Bran. They're flawed, but they're real.

This series also features: Australia. Echidna. Surfing. Chinchillas. Great sex scenes. Do you need to know anything else?

How do I feel about this series?

From Goodreads

If You Never Get Lost, You’ll Never Be Found

Twenty-one-year-old Natalia Stolfi is saying good-bye to the past-and turning her life upside down with a trip to the land down under. For the next six months, she'll act like a carefree exchange student, not a girl sinking under the weight of painful memories. Everything is going according to plan until she meets a brooding surfer with hypnotic green eyes and the troubling ability to see straight through her act.

Bran Lockhart is having the worst year on record. After the girl of his dreams turned into a nightmare, he moved back home to Melbourne to piece his life together. Yet no amount of disappointment could blind him to the pretty California girl who gets past all his defenses. He's never wanted anyone the way he wants Talia. But when Bran gets a stark reminder of why he stopped believing in love, he and Talia must decide if what they have is once in a lifetime . . . or if they were meant to live a world apart.

From Goodreads:

It was only meant to last the summer . . .

Talia Stolfi has seen more than her share of loss in her twenty-one years. But then fate brought her Bran Lockhart, and her dark world was suddenly and spectacularly illuminated. So if being with Bran means leaving her colorless NorCal life for rugged and wild Australia, then that’s what she’ll do. But as much as Talia longs to give herself over completely to a new beginning, the fears of her past are still lurking in the shadows.

Bran Lockhart knows that living without the beautiful girl who stole his heart will be torment, so he’ll take whatever time with her he can. But even though she has packed up her life in California and is back in his arms for the time being, she can’t stay forever. And the remaining time they have together is ticking by way too fast. Though fate seems determined to tear them apart, they won’t give up without a fight—because while time may have limits, their love is infinite . . .

From Goodreads:

When Talia first moved from California to Australia to study abroad, she never dreamed she'd find the love of her life. Bran understands her like no one ever has before. And despite the numerous challenges they've faced, they've always managed to figure out how to stay together. But this time they'll face their toughest hurdle yet. Is their love strong enough to keep them together? 

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